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My best studying tools!

Great app!!

Love it

Love this app. use it for everything. now fully paper free. feature request: would be nice if you could change the eraser mode (from erase full stroke to partial stroke) a little bit faster. right now, you have to go into the gear, but i use this feature so much, that it would be better to have the switch on the main eraser menu right next to the brush size. in addition, i believe that if you erase the middle of the stroke, the original stroke should divide into two strokes, so that you can move both halves independently. you currently cannot do this. thank you. keep up the great work!

Useful but some issues

I found this app to be very useful when I was TA for a summer class but one of the issues I found was that I can’t open any notebooks or create new notebooks when I wasn’t connected to the internet. That surprise me but I had hotspot. Not sure if it’s only an issue I have personally but besides that it’s a good app.

You have to back it up

They should make it evident that you have to back up your files intermittently. I lost 500 pages of notes because the app froze and I force closed it. I hadn’t backed it up at all. Lost everything. Shame on me for not looking into it until it was too late, but let the user know somehow.

Love it, but wish to have more functionality

Overall a good app, but have so much potential to grow. Importing documents can be very tedious if you have a lot of individual files. Would like to have a way to import a folder of documents from google drive. the current interface of importing from Google Drive is also very old-styled and not user friendly.

Great note taking but would love infinite scrolling

Love the app. Use it for all my classes. Infinite scrolling as an option would make it perfect!

Love it!

Wish it had audio recording and the ability to add videos.

Worthless To Me

Lack of an audio recording feature while writing a note in sync is simply a deal breaker. The other features are just useless fluff for my purposes. Regret my purchase. Should have paid more attention to the description of the app. That's not the developer's fault. They described the app perfectly. Of course if they ever add an audio feature it will be in Goidnotes5. Will have to buy the app again.



Great but...

There isnt really an support for languages that dont flow from right to left. Maybe add a way to write vertically and/or left to right. Otherwise for everything else its a great app.

Great app, no 2 finger tap to undo is SUPER lame!

Please add! We love this App!

Disappointed, but a bit satisfied now.

Edit: I figured out the problem on my own. Contacted customer support but haven’t gotten a response yet. Apparently, the hex code needs to be capitalized letters for it to be entered. Other than this , the app is working pretty great. It does have some lag on the uploading to my OneDrive. And if I sign in so that it can upload my files there, it never registers. The only time this works is if I sign in after clicking the “Auto-backup” popup at the bottom and it asks me to sign into SkyDrive which directs me to OneDrive. This was a bit frustrating at first, especially when it says my backup is to OneDrive somewhere else on the app. It seems like the settings are not all connected and it is a bit confusing. Hope this is helpful for someone else with the same problem. For a paid app... and all of this trouble it gave me, I would not give this more than 3 stars. 3 is being nice. I just got my iPad so I was very excited to use it, especially this app for class. However, I wanted more colors and I noted that GoodNotes had a feature to enter a hex code. I’ve seen videos where people can enter it in, but for some reason, I can only enter in numbers. It won’t let me enter any alphabetical letters... I tried pasting and that doesn’t work. Almost all of the hex codes require letters from the alphabet and not just numerical values. I tried redownloading the app as well. This would have been a higher rating if this wasn’t so frustrating. I’m very disappointed. Please help.

Amazing but lacking an essential feature

Goodnotes is an amazing app. I love the interface, the simplicity of its use, and the responsiveness of the app. However, as a STEM major I find myself many times dealing with calculus problems that take several pages, we NEED continuous scrolling! Is that simple, if you add it you will facilitate how we work on our iPads. But give us a good interface! Do not make us decide between only continuous or single pages, if Goodnotes incorporate this feature, it will solve the problems of many people that need to write a single idea in a “single page”. Everything else about this app is perfect

Great for college notetaking

Love this app.

College lifesaver

This is the best note taking app available and has increased my efficiency and note taking organization.

This app is great when it works!

The only problem I have with his app is it takes a couple hours for a few notebooks to open. There aren’t a lot of pages in the notebooks that won’t open(maybe 25 pages) either. Every time this happens I have to delete the app and reinstall for the notebooks to open. This is very inconvenient because I use and rely on this app for all my notes in school. This problem didn’t always occur, just in the past couple weeks. I really hope this problem gets fixed because this app is amazing and really useful.

can not download my document in the cloud

can not download my document in the cloud


Me ha servido de mucha utilidad sin dificultades. Ocupo aprender mas detalles para mayor aprovechamiento Para personas de mayor capacidad siento seria bueno escuchar de ellos. Mil gracias,


This stupid battle between GoodNotes and notability is honestly getting annoying. I don’t understand why i have to use both apps to get what I want. Why can’t you fix the pdf uploads (it cuts off the page) i have to use notability to upload my class pdf first then transfer it over. why can’t you add few writing styles to this app and lastly why are you not adding voice recording feature just like notability app. These are all minor things but again an average student uses these tools everyday in classrooms . I’m giving this app 4 stars because I believe in this app more than notability but if everyone is complaining about these features then a simple update wold be much appreciated :::::))))))))


I’m a college student, and i just couldn’t be one of those people who took notes on their laptop. I had to physically write notes down for it to stick in my brain. This app with the IPad and Apple Pencil makes my bag light, and note taking wayyyy easier. It takes a little getting used to but the app is fairly easy to use and i am very happy.

Excellent App

I got GoodNotes to write by hand and save as text. I found that when the wrist guard is enabled, I can scroll through the page while my hand stays comfortably in about the same place on my iPad, making it even easier to use GoodNotes. I haven't explored all the possiblities offered, but I am very happy with it. Highly recommended.

Good app for stylus users who want to use iPad like a notepad

Ok so I just started using GoodNotes 4 after seeing a video of it on the Apple website and as a means of taking notes with a stylus and not keyboard like in notes on Apple. Pros First off, I love how you can create a new notebook for different subjects. I immediately created a notebook to keep track of my thoughts and notes on work projects and the second one for random thoughts I have throughout the day and things I need to look up. If you grew up in the 90’s like I did, you probably used sticky notes a lot. So you can use this app in the same ay and then erase or scratch through things as you need. Another pro is that unlike notebooks that need replacement paper, you just need to swipe to the next page for a new piece of note paper. I like the easy with which you can switch between notebooks as you need and totally customize them as you require. I haven’t tried any special formatting of the notebooks because my uses do not require it right now. But I am excited to see just how useful this app will be in the future work I do. It is already miles ahead of the standard notes app for the iPad if you prefer the use of a stylus to take notes instead of a keyboard. I also love the zoom features that allows you to have a closer look at the page while you are writing so you can get precise input of the pen for when you really need or want to make your writing crisp and the letters clearly legible. Cons One con that I cannot figure out how to fix, is that when you rest your hand on the screen while writing, which most people do, the input from the pen does not always go through and appear on the page. Sometimes I have to tap multiple times on the screen for the app to register the pen. I am using a Bluetooth stylus that is NOT the Apple Pencil. So if the developers could solve this problem of unwanted registering of skin on the screen and not the stylus tip, I would be very happy, because it does cut down on the natural flow of the writing when you can’t get the pen to register on the screen.

I use this app to keep all my notes for college

I’m a first year in college and this app has been amazing to me. My college gave us noteability to use but I got this app instead because I like it way more. One thing though, can you please add the ability to add gifs to your notes? And a bucket tool would be really nice too. I’m an interactive design major and it would be a huge help. Thank you so much!

Just one thing

My life is centered around me trying to control my ADHD. Therefore trying to remember to back-up my notes manually every single day is not an easy thing to do for someone like me. Providing iCloud as an option for automatic backup and having a button to restore from a saved back-up file would make this app and my life a 5/5. It is other wise a perfect app in my opinion. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but it was worth it!!! I love being able to write with such precision using my Apple pen. I have wasted both time and money looking for an app like this one. I have found that GoodNotes is literally the best app for not having to pick my hand up much in the writing process. I’m a heavy handed writer and for being right handed I drag my hand an awful lot. This app makes going to class so effortless. Having all of my important class notes in one place is super convenient and a God sent. I don’t have to worry about lugging around a ton of different textbooks and notebooks. I’m often very busy trying to accomplish many tasks and there are just days where I have no spare time. With this app I don’t have to worry about accidentally grabbing the wrong notebook for that day. Taking the chore out of stressing over the fact that remembering for me is a very strenuous task.

Love it!

I use this app to bullet journal - I’m a perfectionist, so even with paper I was planning my pages on excel and printing them to journal on. This app has let me fully digitize - I can use the same pages I’ve designed by uploading them to google drive and importing them to my GoodNotes notebook. One thing I’d like to see added in the future is the ability to rotate selected writing and drawing - you can do so much with this app, shrink and grow, move and recolor; it seems a waste that you can’t also rotate!

No real music staff paper

I bought this app because I had read that there was music staff paper included. Unfortunately, only six-line guitar templates are included. Please update and include real staff paper. Unfortunately, as it stands wasted my money for music classes.

대학원생인데 수업 필기할 때와 논문 볼 때 매우 유용합니다.

필기감도 좋고 꽤 많은 기능이 있어서 좋습니다. 한가지 추가되었으면 하는 것은 한번에 2쪽을 볼 수 있는 기능이 있었으면 합니다.

Note Taking

I am on several committees, need a place to store my files from my continuing education classes (I’m a CPA), and when helping kids with homework and just need some scratch paper, I open GoodNotes. I have Master Folders for all of my committees where I download all my agendas and meeting files where I can take notes, I have more master folders for home, work, shopping lists, etc. When I help my kids with homework (especially math and algebra), I can make notes and print them out for the kids to review. I have even taken it into a job interview to write my notes with my Apple Pencil. I really can’t live without my GoodNotes! The only thing I wish came with it, was a planner option that integrates with the Apple Calendar. It’s too bad that Apple hasn’t allowed the Apple Pencil to be able to write in the calendar. I love that there are different templates out there for paper sizes, notebook covers, etc. I’m not artistic and I’m glad someone else has created these for me. Thanks GoodNotes, this was more that worth the cost!

Best Notebook Ever

I normally don’t do reviews of apps and rarely rate apps but I do have to say that this is the best app I’ve had by far... I’ve used Evernote and notability (I think that’s how you spell those) and just wasn’t happy with how they were set up. Yes, one downfall for this app is it doesn’t have a voice record feature but since I have the new 2018 iPad the multitasking screen takes care of that problem and I just use the built in voice memo app. Best feeling not paper and pencil writing pad I’ve ever had! 💯% in love with this app!!!

Pdf downloads take forever to open

I love this app, but recently when I download pdfs they take FOREVER to load and open, if they do at all. Ill miss the first few minutes of my class lecture waiting for it to work. This needs to get fixed soon or im moving apps

Keep up the good work and improve

Got the ipad 9.7 + pencil just for writing, and using this app to accomplish it. I don’t want it to get slow down in future updates and looking forward to use this setup for a long time. I like it’s simplicity, simple interface and maxing screen space for the paper, please keep it that way. The main reason I picked this app is because it doesn’t have zillion things that I will never use. So simple and fast is golden.

Need’s some improvements in the app. Nothing has changed for a long time.

Had this app a long time through my journey in Med school. Often I find the app not able to open a book and this can take 30-45 minutes to fix itself. Pretty annoying when I’m studying and it crashes. Wish there was a faster fix for that. A perfect note taking application would maybe crash but never leave you unable to open your book. I also wish it had a graph tab built in to make lists or tables. A voice record, video record, or link posting ability would be nice. Other applications are fiddling with these abilities and graphs and link posting haws been available since the ice ages in other apps. I don’t know why it’s not a function in this app. It totally should be. The app has practically been the same since it came out. It’s time it makes some better changes. Other applications are soon going to be better. If they aren’t already.

Awesome app for taking notes

This is a great app for note-taking, however there are some features I would love to see in this app that would increase the speed of note-taking. Especially when you have fast-paced lectures like physics and math. It would be nice if the team added the opportunity to have a couple of pens of different colors on the top menu, so you can switch faster between pen sizes and colors. Also, it would be very nice if the team added the opportunity to change color of the paper.

Fits my needs well

I use this app to take notes for school and it's great for that. It needs better file organization and the layout isn't the most intuitive but it works well. Also the go to page function doesn't work. It's worth the price.


You’ve spent the money on the iPad.. you’ve every thrown in the extra $100 for the pencil. That’s all completely useless without this app! I’m a music major and teacher. This app is the best and only platform that can do everything you need. From personal notes to making documents to send to peers. I never spend money on apps. But this was a must have. And definitely worth the investment.

This app is useful but still can be improved

This app is basically amazing in taking notes and reading books, but still can be better. I cannot add a hyperlink, animation image like a gif file, or YouTube video in my notes. The function for adding a hyperlink is really important to jump to other references related to the note. Please add the function at least...

Improve export

Overall it is pretty good. But I just wish that I could select several pages to export rather than either 1page or all pages.

iPad PDF navigation 'go to page' doesn't work.

It seems there is a bug in PDF 'go to page' on ipad. After I type the page number, nothing happened and I can't do anything to trigger the navigation. Hope it could be fixed or please tell me if I did something wrong.

Pencil Font

I like using this app. Can you guys please add a pencil to the tools like the pen? I like the look of a pencil more.

More features needed

Surprised I cannot password protect my personal journals. Worried when someone’s on my iPad that they’ll open and read! >=(

I'm addicted !

Tried using many note taking apps and I am still testing many of them, but I find myself constantly going back and using Good Notes! Believe it or not, but yping without a Bluetooth keyboard can be annoying and having one is not always convenient... I am someone who is constantly moving around, and being able to quickly jot something down is more efficient. I would also say that I haven’t learned all aspects of this App and it still amazed me! My rating is as follows (thus far...) ⭐️ star 1 - easy to use without a whole bunch (or if any) tutorials needed. I hate having to dig and research or wait on a video to show me specific things that I may need to figure out NOW. ⭐️⭐️ star 2 - Customizable - There are enough options to pick from on how your notebook and pages can look. Aside from what they give you, you can be really creative and give a page a certain design and copying that page and create more pages with the same design layout. Currently I haven't looked into any tutorials so I don't know if there are other ways to create and set a layout and make it into a template. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ star 3 - No crashes, no significant bugs that I am aware of or came across. I am using it on an iPad Pro and I have been using it constantly, so far so good. 🤞 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star 4 - Taking notes with your fingers is very easy and it's not so sensitive where it'll mess up and move everything around. There are many other good features, such exporting your notes, printing etc ... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 STAR 5 - it's free Now again, I have not fully examined every aspect of this app so advise me if what I mention below is actually already there and I haven't seen or learned about it. 1. Being about to have a password on a notebook. 2. Having the ability to have free (or not) add-ons. I don't know how it works with apple and the developing world and if this would easy to do through the app store or online once you have the basic app installed. I like the simplicity of the app, so I personally may not want to add much if anything, but having small add-on features to enhance user flexibility could be nice. 3. Being able split a page in halves or quarters without each sectioninterfering with one another to allow the user further Flexibility. 4. When copying and pasting images/editable text etc, being able to edit and move objects around more freely without them interfering with one another. (Maybe asking for too much: ability for layers and view options for them ?) 5. Freezing or anchoring things to one place so you don't accidently move it. Love the APP ! Keep it up!

Documents fail and no support

Books and pdf will forever try to synchronize and remain inaccessible. The notes taken in this app will just not open when you need them the most. I wish I hadn’t put my trust (and important documents) in this app.

It is powerful app but...

I wish they add : 1.voice recording 2. I can add GIF 3. support Arabic language ( converted hand writing to text + themes) Also, i have one problem ( some time arise my nots by it self)


App appears great in many ways but no recording option! This is deal breaker for me. Absolutely need at least an audio recording feature at this price.

Wonderful BUT....

This app has changed my collage not taking experience loads. I love how organized the layout is & how quickly I can find & edit my notes. I really wish the app had voice recording that line up with your writing like on Notability. It gets annoying having to go back & fourth between the two apps. A lot of classes are lecture heavy & being able to revert back to the recorded notes would be extremely helpful. How hard could it be to add this feature?

Worth it!

Look y’all. I’m not one to pay for any app, but I think this app is def worth it. It really makes taking notes fun. I have all my semesters divided and then each class has its own notebook and I can import images from my camera roll to decorate each notebook according to the subject. And the Apple Pencil really cleans up my handwriting a bit so my classmates marvel at my wonderful notes and ask me to email them.

Nice but.......

The app good for writing notes but As paid app is not so satisfying 1. No many choices for different pens can be used 2. Color ... prefer to add circle colors the choices would become more 3. Even cover choices not so excited 4. Can’t resize after writing 5. No continues rolling Plz add more updates to it as soon as possible

Good but Not Perfect

I’ve been using this app in all my classes’ note-taking. To be frankly, they have the best hand-written experience of all similar APPs. I gave four stars because there are some functions that is poor-developed and that really limits my note-taking quality. First, the typing function is extremely weak. When you add a new text box, surely you can type, but all texts in the same text box will be edited together: same color, same size, same font, (and move together). I personally is a handwritten person, but sometimes I still need to type and this limitation really lower me efficiency since I need to add many text box to make different content in different sizes and color. Hopefully Goodnotes can make some changes that allow us to edit text separately as we want. Second, there is no sound recording function of dictation. This is not as important as the text problem but still it would be an advantages for Goodnotes to add this on.

I need help plz

It’s an amazing app but do I always have to use OVER APP to get great fonts for the headers or titles ! .. we need this feature where we can easily type headers or titles with great fonts so we can make tour good notes.. watch ( September Studies ) on YouTube.. you'll understand our need.. thank you so much for this great app.


I can’t import a good notes file.


I love this app but today it’s been super glitchy (drawing random lines and deleting parts of the words I draw) I really hope they fix it soon because I use this app for taking notes at school

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