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Really good

With the combination of: The iPad Pro The Apple Pencil This great app this is the first time I feel I can write on a screen.


Easy to use and nice to feel you are writting on paper. One drawback is the size of the file when sending via email...hopefully compression will be made in the next versions

Best App Ever

Im very happy with this App. I just love it. It is very useful to write down your notes while reading engineering books or doing exercises.


Very good application, BUT lacks ruler

Apple Pencil Nutzer, hier ist deine Notiz-App.


Great app, slightly annoying update

I have been using this app for a couple of semesters and I really love it for taking notes. I have the JotScript 2 from Adonit and it works great with the app. A minor annoyance with the May 11 update is the removal of the long press ability near the edges of the screen. As someone who creates a lot of text boxes, I want them left justified and I can no longer create them at the left edge of the screen. This is very annoying and I would like the ability to create full screen width text boxes without having to reposition them returned.

Good nots taking app

Nice app for notes taking and PDF annotation

Where did all the negative comments go?

If I could give negative ⭐️s I would! And where are all the other negative comments? I use to be the biggest Cheerleader for this App! No More! Like many people who have written the Developers, I am less than impressed! Version 4 offers very little "new or different" in the form of functionality. I updated/paid $5.99 (a second time) for an App I essentially already own! Sure the background color and layout may have changed, but not for the better (IMHO). I thought I would surely get the added Fonts or maybe the ability to record! Like Notability, GoodReader or iAnnotate (and a dozen others). Or maybe the added Pens and Stamps of NoteShelf! Sadly, I found none of those features added. Instead what I did find is the one feature I used (and the only reason to remain a loyal user IMHO) the most "Custom Sort" but its now missing! None of the others ever had this important feature! I like writing on white! Give me the choice to save battery. Bring back the bookshelf and make it yellow! (If thats your favorite!) In the iPhone version I cannot even edit/ Crop photos??? If, like me you also own (any of the other Apps I already mentioned) invest the time in learning one of them. I, for one! (But I dont think Im alone if you check the Developers own site) regret investing $$ on an App I already owned! (IMO) This App was redesigned for IOS7 or to make it compatible with a future Mac version (as stated by Developers), neither should impact my pocket (IMO) unless I decide (in the future to buy the MAC version (Never going to happen after this!). Those changes are the "cost of doing business with Apple!" And should be up to Developers! (IMO). The next time Apple decides to update, does that mean the developers will update and expect yet another installment on their (unadvertised) price for this App? No Longer a Happy Camper!!! I quit this Cheerleading Squad!


The best mix of features and functionality. A clean, accessible and discoverable interface...really excellent.

This would be the perfect notes app if...

This would be the perfect note taking app if they had lined paper that wasnt too small or too big. I need lined paper that is on par with the lined paper option in one note or notability. The double spaced is too big and the other lined paper option are slightly too small. I dont want to have to zoom in every time I use the app. Thanks.

Dark background?

This is the best application for writing, reading and annotating PDFs, avoid printing... Everything is just great. However, Why not black background? Dark theme? To save battery?

Well I feel duped

This app may have some nice features but it completely falls down on cloud syncing. Completely horrible. I wish I could have trialled it first — would not have purchased.

You have to buy every version of this application

This app had a older version but they did not support this application instead they created new app so that they make you buy their new app. Therefore, before their goodnotes5 released i recommend to buy notability. They much or less same apps.

Absolutely great

This app is one of the most fast, robust, comfortable to use pieces of software Ive ever used. It works perfectly with  Pencil. The quality of vectorising is unbelievable. Now I cant imagine my piano learning, english lessons without it. I like to think on a paper but know I go totally digital. Thanks a lot!


The best hand writing note taking app on the market. Also great for importing PDFs and taking notes on them.


I love this app. I have been using it for years and just started using it with Apple Pencil. Best combo ever.

Almost 5 starS

Put a zoom selection icon in the zoom portion and its great.

LOVE this app!!!

I use this app with my I Pencil and it is awesome! It make work so much easier I cant say enough about it. Love it!

Great App

I can keep all of my notes grouped by class. It also allows me to bookmark my notes so I can find exactly what Im looking for.

Having multiple notebooks is very helpful

It took me a little while to warm up to it, but the multiple notebooks and easy swipe to create a new page is winning me over. Very straightforward to use. With the Apple Pencil and 12.9" iPad Pro, it feels very much like having a notepad and a set of colored pens. I think Im already to the point where I would miss this app if it were gone.

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